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So onwards to 2014 Empty So onwards to 2014

Post by TAAARS Tue 01 Oct 2013, 12:05 pm

What will be interesting will be the impact (if any) of the Crows and Power reserves teams.
Two schools of thought:
1. The AFL clubs will be mostly kids or older fringe players trying to get back to the AFL following injury or poor form. As such will not be any threat to the SANFL top 5.
2. They will dominate the comp and make the 8 SANFL look second rate.
The worrying thing to the 2nd scenario is when you look at the VFL and WAFL that is happening now. The Box Hill Hawks (Hawthorn) and Geelong both played off in the grand final after dominating the comp. The WAFL had East Perth (west coast eagles reserve team) also in the grand final. So 3 out of 4 grand finalist were AFL reserves. Things to come perhaps?
I think Sperling and the other 5 Directors that voted yes have made a grave error of judgment. They should have said you can play in the SANFL reserves take it or leave it. Let them go to the amatures otherwise. The reason they didn't apparently was they were frightened the crowds would go there too. I don't believe that would have happened,as who wants to watch a 20 goal drubbing every week?
It is not too late to reverse the decision you know?Evil or Very Mad

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