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Report on the B's

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Report on the B's Empty Report on the B's

Post by scorpion Mon Apr 07, 2014 5:42 pm

This is what I call a Write up or Report on how the 2's went Well Done

When is the New Site coming (May be F/B should Build it ) it would be up and Running  

Round 1 Reserves Report
WAFC 13.9 (87) d. SAFC 7.10 (52)

The return from injury and illness of several players resulted in a more mature and experienced team taking to the oval against SAFC. The players were challenged to know their roles, execute those roles and take their chances. The players individually and collectively met that challenge. Statistically and on the scoreboard the two teams were in an even contest at half-time, but with determination to be harder and stronger for longer, in the second half we outscored SAFC 8.3 to 3.5. Pleasing for supporters would be the positive returns from injury of A. Anderson, Webb and Fielke. No doubt supporters are starting to ask about the composed young 16 year old playing in the backlines, Jack Agostino, and are excited about the development of young players in Middleton as a centre-half back, Dijksman and his ability to accumulated possessions inside and outside the contest, and Evans with his ability to win the hard ball in the first two reserves games of the year. A "next generation" half-back line of Nelson-Middleton-Dezylva were instrumental in this week's win against SAFC. The strong performances from the players mentioned and from several others this Reserves grade win is a good sign for competition for selection in the League side for the next game.

Goals: Scott 3, Gallard 3, Webb 3:
Ball Magnet: Dijksman 36 possessions
Tackles: Fielke 6
Clearances: Anderson 7, Dijksman 7, Evans 7
Marks: Middleton 12

Final Score: WAFC 13.9 (87) d. SAFC 7.10 (52)

                    WAFC.. SAFC
Possessions....... 325.. 298
Marks............... 79.... 81
Tackles............. 58.... 61 Fielke 6, Male 5, Fitzpatrick 5, Jennings 5, Nelson 5, Web 5, Dijksman 4, Anderson 4
Inside..50........ 45.... 36 21 scoring attempts from 34 entries = 62%
Clearances........ 42.... 33 Anderson 7, Dijksman 7, and Evans 7
First Touch........66....45

Major ball winners Dijksman 36, Evans 23, Fielke 23, Dezlyva 19, Jennings 19, Anderson, 18, Agostino 17, MIddleton 17, Nelson 17
Goals - Gallard 3, Schott 3, Webb 3

Statistically and on the scoreboard there was nothing in the game at half time. Second half we outscored SAFC 8.3 to 3.5
Great run off half-back: Dezylva, Nelson, Middleton, Agostino
Leadership voice of Callum Hudson.
Composure of youngest player - Agostino (one ineffective disposal in 17 possessions from the back pocket)
Development of MIddleton as a CHB
Positive returns to the game from injury from Fielke, Anderson and Webb.
Dijksman and Middleton again make strong cases for league selection with standout performances in their roles, and Fielke did enough to suggest he is ready to be considered for league selection. Webb got better as the game went on. 5 kicks, 3 handballs and 3 goals are not big numbers, but with 18 hit outs he could be considered as a FullForward-Ruck option for the league side this week. He played about 3/4 of the game, about half of that was in the ruck.
Campbell Smith always looked dangerous inside 50 and around half-forward, often competing 1v2 as he engaged the SAFC +1.
Evans another solid game through the midfield.
Spread of goalkickers - Webb, Schott, Gallard
Jennings and Anderson finding form in return games from injury
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Report on the B's Empty Re: Report on the B's

Post by Guest Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:59 pm

Very professional and provides great information for people who can't see the reserves play each week.  Shocked Shocked Shocked

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Report on the B's Empty Re: Report on the B's

Post by Lachlan Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:01 pm

Great report. I'm hearing good things about Glen Pill

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Report on the B's Empty Re: Report on the B's

Post by Thiele Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:06 pm

Its Shane. I agree it is a good right up.

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Report on the B's Empty Re: Report on the B's

Post by redandblack Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:59 am

Thanks Shane. From far away in Costa Rica, that told me so much.

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Report on the B's Empty Re: Report on the B's

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