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Post by Lee Harradine Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:21 pm

Please note that the Administrators of this site set it up and have paid for it to continue over many years now.

It was set up as a forum for West Adelaide fans to discuss football and other topics.

The Administrators were eventually given permission by the club to link it to the official club website, on the basis that it would be of value to club members and supporters.

There is no bar whatsoever to criticism of the club and its football and other operations on this forum, but clear personal vendettas and attacks on other posters won't be tolerated any longer.

Please take this as a warning that personal attacks on any poster will be immediately deleted and will lead to a temporary suspension without warning.

Further attacks after a suspension will lead to a ban.
Lee Harradine
Lee Harradine

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Post by Oldfella Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:39 pm

I hope the admin does not mind this post if so delete

While it may seem to be a small thing for this site to be linked to the main west adelaide site to provide enjoyment for all west adelaide member given that the sanfl was dead against clubs linking like this due to the way a previous attempt at another club ended as a very bad situation then the decision by west adelaide is a very large and courageous decision that needs to be kept in mind when posting

My late father fred winter a hall of fame member had a simple saying in reguards to west adelaide people --- off course he is my friend he is a west adelaide supporter -- by all means lets openly discuss issues but let us have common respect in line with dads thoughts

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