So who is kicking our goals?

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So who is kicking our goals? Empty So who is kicking our goals?

Post by blackandred Tue Jul 29, 2014 10:47 am

A check of the list of goalkickers on the SANFL site makes for some uncomfortable reading for Bloods supporters.

The league’s leading goalkicker at this stage of the season is Brett Eddy from South Adelaide with 52 goals.

Heading the West goalkickers at position number 25 is Ben Fisher with 14 goals from 14 matches and Jonno Beech also with 14 from 14.

The list from there is as follows:
Silverlock 13 (14 games)
Fielke 12 (13)
Still 11 (5)
Newell 11 (11)
Tuck 9 (13)
Stevens 9 (14)
Dijksman 7 (Cool
Middleton 6 (5)
Webb 5 (12)

Justin Hardy hasn’t troubled the scorer in his 5 games but a cynic might say that Buddy Franklin would struggle to get a kick playing in the West Adelaide forward line.

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So who is kicking our goals? Empty Re: So who is kicking our goals?

Post by Second Team Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:51 pm

Of the list of players only Still is a full forward and has 11 goals from 5 games. Eddy is a forward only. He doesn't move out of the forward 50.
Would Eddy get 50 goals at West. Probably not.  Shocked Shocked Shocked

Kick it forward. It's the new game plan.
Second Team
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