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Post by redandblack on Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:24 am

For as long as this forum has been going, it seems that as soon as things don't go well, we immediately blame the Coach, whether that was Wayne Weidemann, Andrew Collins or now, Mark Mickan.

When this forum started, we were in the midst of a shocking run and the Club could have been justifiably constructively criticised.

We're now 4 games and a Foxtel Cup into the 2014 season and it hasn't started well, but surely casting blame on a new coach at this early stage is stretching things. Let's look at the facts: from the depths of some years ago, Andrew Collins took us to a Grand Final and a Preliminary Final, with limited financial and recruiting resources. At the same time, the Board have invested a huge amount of time and money to try to turn our financial fortunes around and progress has been made.

As for the Foxtel Cup, I would have liked to have seen a stronger side and a win, but last year's prmiers, Norwood, lost their Foxtel Cup game to a Queensland side(?), I think.

We're 0-4, after a hrrendous injury run for a season start. South hammered us and that form has held up. Wwe probably should have beaten the Eagles and North, who are currently top bracket and we played one shocking quarter and three good quarters against an AFL outfit that had won by 25 and 10 goals the previous two weeks.

We play Central this week. It's a must win. I think we'll win and start our season, but it was vital we had a fit and ready team.

Central...... Foxtel Cup.

Central.......Foxtel Cup.

Disappointing, but let's wait until Sunday to judge.

Meanwhile, we need to support the team and the new coaches, not just fall back into knee-jerk coach bashing after 4 rounds.

Having said that, constructive criticism, disappointment, getting it off the chest and all the other usual things keep the forum going and interesting and worthwhile.

So, instead of hammering the coaches so early, what would you actually do to make sure we play finals?

Selections? Positions? Anything.


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Blame Empty Re: Blame

Post by Wolf Pack on Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:10 am

I agree with what the club did in regard to the Foxtel Cup.
Far more important to get a win this week. There will be no coming back from 0-5 so we have to find a way to win.
I don't put blame on Rubbers at all. We can only be as good as the team we have available. We have too many players not available and after watching the first four games, I suspect some players who are playing are simply not fit and or out of form.
Fielke, Beech, Silverlock come to mind.
Let's hope we can turn it around Sunday. I think we will.
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack

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Post by westiesforever on Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:02 pm

I went to last nights game really hoping we could squeeze a win out with the selected side in the hope that by the time we played our round 2 match in the foxtel cup we'd have a much more settled side and wins on the board in the SANFL. They almost did it , sure there were lots of skill / ball handling errors but those young players showed heart to come back and not drop their heads . I have a really good feeling about this week against centrals we have a better structure with Hartlett and Still back in the side and I understand why Rubbers played the side he did last night and if we beat centrals this week it's a justified move and keeps our season alive.

Winning the foxtel cup last year was fantastic and I guess for me being a reasonably young supporter that was only 3 years old when westies won their last flag I cherish witnessing them win a title of any kind in my adult life , it was very exciting but winning the SANFL flag , even just once in my lifetime would be like no other feeling I could dream to experience .

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Post by scorpion on Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:40 pm

To me I don't think the club wanted INJ's  fair enough but the Selectors SHOULD take the BLAME
all west needed was another 4 league Players playing we win

To me a $100,000 is no chicken feed what's to say we could have one the CUP if we where
FAIR DINKUM  but no the SANFL has a bigger prize the G/F what's to say that we could have 2 trophies at the end of the Season
May be Mickan should have had the Foxtel Broad cast on and he would have heard B.Hall saying
Westies Open the game up by getting some players away from the cluster one back as a sweeper the other well off the ball

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Post by captainblood on Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:01 pm

I'm with Red and Black.
We've been on the bones of our arse but in the last few years the club has slowly lifted itself off the floor.
Collins did a great job and we should all appreciate his effort.
I was a critic no doubt because I thought once he got the defensive structures right then he would introduce a more attacking flair to our game.
It never quite happened but he did get results and we learnt to win...ugly.

We are still financially strapped but Mickan has come in and taken on a club that lost a lot of  key players esp in defence and our cream ( the AFL boys) who always added that bit of flair and definitely helped us get some wins.
He's also had some major injuries to contend with.

I'm not that upset at the moment.We were very competitive against North and the Eagles ( should have won both)  and the Port situation is just ludicrous,South were just too good.

This season may not be the best in terms of wins but we are a competitive unit. There is a more attacking style to his game plan but our skills are woeful and we can be hesitant in our movement out of defence. We also have a forward line that needs a lot of work.

A lot of young kids are being tried and as the season goes on players will find their feet and others will be found out.
To me Mickin has the hardest task in SANFL football and I'm sure his compensation is not great. I would love some wins but I will give the bloke a couple of months before I pass too much judgement on his coaching. From the terraces and the hand he's been dealt he seems to have the players onside and putting in an effort.
The improvement will come I'm sure. Too early to be very critical.

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Post by Lachlan on Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:02 pm

With such a long injury list from the beginning of the season an 0 and 4 start was expected.
The concern I have is that all the injured players have had such a limited pre season that it may 
Have an impact for the whole year.

I think it is important however that Hardy gets on the field very soon as he was touted as a very good recruit.
The developing ruckman Bennett has also yet to play a game and he also needs to play some footy very soon.

Don't underestimate the loss of Shane Birss. He is a very smart footballer that finds a heep of the footy

We must beat Centrals it's as simple as that and I think winning this week is more important than the Foxtel cup

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Blame Empty Re: Blame

Post by Wolfman Jack on Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:37 pm

Great post from red & black. Agree with him, it is Very easy to whinge & whine but how about coming up with solutions.
Looking at the games so far this season, it is now obvious how much we relied on Fergie who was not only inspirational but probably the best player in the comp. Our drive came from Fergie, Mangan & Tippett.The players we recruited are nowhere near the standard of these three.
Mickan can't be blamed for this nor the injuries nor the lack of form of players like Macreadie who normally is such a prime mover & a good last quarter player . Other players like Silverlock & Anderson are way down on form.
I was very pleased with our effort last night with the young players not giving up & fighting it out right to the end. Dijskman played well & Carter was impressive in ruck late in the third quarter & the last. He really put his body on the line. Hopefully the young players would have gained some valuable experience.
We really need to start winning now as there is only 18 rounds not 22 as in previous seasons.
Let's all get behind the Club & Mark Mickan as they need our support now.

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Wolfman Jack
Wolfman Jack

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Post by Mark Beswick on Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:16 pm

Re-watched last nights game after seeing it live the night before. Nice to watch it now the emotion has gone from the game.

There were more positive from some of our junior players than I saw live with the close-up of camera work. It was a shame still we didnt win and see some of these boys in rd 2 of the cup - Think it was good exposure for them as an inbetween (Reserves/league) step. The video will be great for Mark to use to show our younger players how they were too often sucked in together into contests rather than one in and a couple out; allowing the ball to go over the back goal-side....

Watchman is a big boy for his age!

We beat CDFC and the loss will as posters above have said, fade very quickly from memory. Shame though!
Mark Beswick
Mark Beswick

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