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Post by LukeO9 Tue May 10, 2022 1:35 pm

“The football department will be working hard to review the plans for the rest of this season”
Great !
“…making sure that no stone is being left unturned”
What stones ?
“…this month marks [Conny Wilson’s] sixth month at the helm as CEO and she is definitely making her mark on the running of the Club”
Great !
“…she is meeting the challenges that are placed before her with the enthusiasm and positivity for which she is renowned.”
What challenges have been met or will be met ?
“I look forward to seeing the benefits that will accrue to Westies as Conny works through implementing the improvements that are on her to-do list”
So do we all, but why are they still on a to-do list ?
“She has been the driving force behind securing the upcoming Russell Ebert tribute match and I know that she is very driven towards strengthening our ties in the Riverland.”
Excellent. But why have the strong, long-established ties loosened, which require strengthening ?

Is this corporate puffery part of the replacement that “removed much of the passion needed for a football club to survive and prosper.” (Lee Harradine, Sun 24 Apr 2022, 1:16 pm) ?

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