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Post by Thiele Fri Jan 17, 2014 8:04 pm

The West Adelaide Football Club share close ties with the people of the Riverland Area. Producing many fantastic footballers over the years, we have seen greats like Fielke, Mickan, Lidner and Beech, coming from the Riverland to make their mark on Australian Rules Football, and more specifically the West Adelaide Football Club.

This afternoon, the Country Fire Service has issued an emergency warning for people in the Renmark and Monash areas, due to a scrub fire that has become out of control. Trained firefighters are fighting the blaze and are rapidly fatiguing. With no time for food, they are surviving on Powerade and water, which they are running out of money to buy.

As ash falls from the sky and the possibility that this fire could go on for days, the Riverland needs our help.

We are asking for the West Adelaide Football Club to get behind our friends in the Riverland during this time of need, and donate.

This can be done by;

1. Donate directly to the RFL through Wendy Kruger and she will get the money to the people in need - her number is 0418 829 010.

2. We will be taking up a collection at From the Bench from 6:30pm tonight and then sending those donations through to the RFL who will then ensure that the money is sent to those in need.

We appreciate your generosity as this tragic event unfolds, and send all of our thoughts out to those affected.

Andrew Marks

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