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Who is Hilton? Empty Who is Hilton?

Post by firstblood Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:50 am

Almost every time i go online and read the Advertiser, there might be a subject on violence in South Australia, in this case it was about our most dangerous suburbs in today's Sunday mail....

Then i read the readers comments, and with out fail one comment is from someone under the name of Hilton...and all he does is bag the BBQ area at Richmond oval (City Mazda)
In today's mail he posted this....

Who is Hilton? Captur36

This Hilton dude never fails to post the same thing, no matter what topic. Bagging West Adelaide at every opportunity.
My guess is he's been told by our BBQ staff to move away from the lines marked  "No standing" in front of the BBQ area and has taken offense...this ****** needs to get a life.

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